Monday, July 28, 2008

August Recipe Contest!

August's Contest is coming up!

Since I am concentrating on posting some recipes and I'm always searching for new ones ~ let's have a recipe contest!

Simply submit your favorite recipe for us to try ~ I'll take photos during preparation and the finished product.

Ease of following recipe instructions
Ease of finding ingredients*
Ease of preparation (including prep time)
And finally ~ Taste!

*if I can not locate ingredients in our area, I will email for substitutes

Email recipes to me at or let me know at or @cleaverton on Twitter.

Prize for best recipe is a Harley Davidson checkbook cover !

Get to sendin'!


Kai said...

Great idea!!!! Any dietary or picky eater restrictions we should know about??

(kaibigan7 on twitter)

~Christi said...

No real dietary or picky eater restrictions. I'm not real big on seafood, but will taste ~ but, Chris will be the main taster on seafood dishes!
Have fun guys!
Thanks Kai!