Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just Some Work I've Been Doing...

Well, after much work and research, I finally figured out how to set up my posts to display ads ~ and then I switched blogs to Blogger (it seems like I am forever in the development stage of this blogging thing). I didn't want anything that was obtrusive or flashy ~ don't you just hate when websites have those? Like that crazy ad on the Weather Channel website ~ the one with dancing girl. Yuck! Who wants to look at that moving craziness???

I also got our travel blog started and some of my original posts imported into my Typepad blog - and will now have to transfer over to Blogger. I've got more travel posts that I need to work on, but a little at at time on that one. Those posts are usually kind of long and I tend to incorporate a lot of links. After all, what good is a travel blog if the reader can't click to investigate what I'm talking about? I also post reviews of places we've stayed and/or dined at on there; complete with a section called STOP HERE for places we feel went above and beyond and a STEER CLEAR section for those places a person should definitely avoid.

Meanwhile, I'm working on posts for this blog ~ so, stay tuned; there's no telling what I'll find to talk about!

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