Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Most Wanted Recipes

I have a few dishes that I would love to find some recipes for. We'll call these my 'Most Wanted'. I've messed with a couple of them, but haven't perfected them yet. I'm still looking for variations ~ and, of course, will tweak as I go.

#1 - we recently ate at an italian restaurant in the Nanuet/Spring Valley, NY area. I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but it was right across the street from a that tells you a lot! I ordered a spinich ravioli dish that was to die for......and I'm just itching to try it at home. Any help on spinich ravioli???

#2 - Looking for the best Italian nacho recipe I can find. Oh, how fattening! But, holy cow, they are so good. We'll just use this recipe on the rare occasion......maybe.

#3 - Healthy recipe ideas. Yes, I know, the above is NOT healthy eating, but it sure is good. When we're home, 90% of the time, we eat healthy (low fat, low sugar, lean meats, fruit, grilled veggies, turkey bacon & sausage, soy milk, etc.), but every now and then, we gotta have a treat! I'm always up for new ideas for the 90% of the time that we do eat healthy.

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