Monday, August 4, 2008

Baked Sweet Potatoes instead of Bake Russet Potatoes

Instead of having baked potatoes, change to a baked sweet potato on occasion. This provides you with an easy alternative that is excellent in taste! We actually prefer baked sweet potatoes and eat them more often than regular baked potatoes.

A baked potato has 198 calroies per 100 grams; where a baked sweet potato has 90 calories per 100 grams. Both have about 1 gram of fat per 100 grams. But, consider all the topping that end up on a baked potato and your side dish can become 'loaded' with artery clogging junk!

A baked sweet potato has about 21 grams of carbohydrates; a baked potato has about 46 for the same size serving. The estimated glycemic load of a baked sweet potato is 9; a baked potato is 22 - typical daily glycemic load is under 100. Baked sweet potoates are also a great anti-inflammatory with an inflammation factor of 189; a baked potato is on the whole other end of the scale at -151 inflammation factor (meaning baked potatoes can aggravate inflammation).

Add the fact that baked sweet potatoes are a great source of anti-oxidants, vitamins A and vitamins C and you've got a healthier alternative to add to your meals!

Simply prepare as you would a baked potato. For those of us in a hurry at times :) simply wash potato, stab with a fork a few times, and pop it in the microwave - roughly 6 minutes for one potato; 7 minutes for 2 potatoes; 9-10 minutes for 3 potatoes (adjust until it's soft like a baked potato).

Make a slit in one side and open up - top with butter (again, I use Smart Balance Lite with Olive Oil) and sprinkle with brown sugar.


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