Monday, August 4, 2008

Potato Soup Recipe

Potato Soup Recipe

Here's a great potato soup recipe that even my kids loved! Easy and you probably already have the ingredients on hand. Note: some people like to add celery and other ingredients, but I prefer this simple recipe, but feel free to dress it up however you want.

(pretty simple, huh?)

Peel and cut potatoes like you're making mashed potatoes - approximately 1" squares (don't get too picky on the shape)
Boil in water like you're making mashed potatoes - don't over boil as they'll be mushy
While potatoes are boiling, dice up a small yellow onion and put in with potatoes to boil
When potatoes are soft, drain nearly all of the water from them, leaving just a little in the bottom.
Put enough milk in the pan to cover potatoes, about 1/2 stick of butter and add the onions
Slowly bring to a boil, stirring often to keep milk from scorching - keeping the small amount of water in the pan helps to prevent scorching.
Turn to low and simmer for about an hour - stir often

When there is about 15 minutes left, make some grilled cheese sandwiches to go along with the soup. I usually use regular American cheese for the sandwiches as the Borden Fat Free cheese doesn't melt real well.

I like to add enough crackers to my bowl of soup to absorb most of the juice and then add salt (it will need salt!) and a lot of pepper.


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