Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Morning Ramblings....

Well, it's been quite a week if I do say so myself! I haven't had much time to do more than post a few recipes and answer some emails and comments. I always INTEND to do more, but it just seems like I don't get everything accomplished. Such is life.

Life is a crazy thing. I don't know about you, but sometimes I get sidetracked and end up on a whole different 'thing' for the day than what I started out with. Some people might call this piddling. I call it research and learning; mainly because I think I forgot how to piddle. I remember when I used to get on the internet to chat with friends, forward masses of funny emails, download music, morph pictures. Just fun stuff. Now, I'm on here to build a business, connect with like minded people, carve out my little niche, and make money. I blame this on my husband. He is obsessive-compulsive. He is also a perfectionist. UGH! His dad told me once that if he doesn't make money from a business venture, it's not for lack of trying. AMEN. He is determined and OCD enough that whatever he's focused on - mostly money, since that's his mistress - he can stay focused on it for HOURS....even DAYS - straight. I thought I was bull headed!

We are different, hubby and I, in that he gets an idea and just jumps in with both feet and figures things out as he goes ~ sometimes this is a scary world we live in! When he decided to build a transport business, we had a truck but not a trailer. He didn't care, that was just a 'minor detail' to him. He found a cabinet business that neededs cabinets delivered - and they had a trailer, but it was a gooseneck trailer. He didn't worry about that either. He told them he would haul for them, THEN he worried about a ball hitch for a gooseneck. It cost us over $500.00 just to get the ball hitch before we could even THINK about actually pulling a trailer. And then there was the electronic brake control that he hadn't thought about either. A year and a half later, we have quite a thriving transport business going! Two trucks and two trailers and now an extra driver. He would get a load and then worry about minor things like trailers and fuel money to get where you're going to get paid. This was a very scary time for me!

I'm the analyzer. It would have taken me 6 months to research the cost analysis of transporting a particular item, the fuel cost by state, rules and regulations, accounting software and different ways to arrange the trailer to be most cost affective. You get the idea. This is probably why, when we met, I was a teacher (okay, I can say that I taught high school behavior disorders and emotional disturbances....that was the uncertainty of my days) and cheerleading coach. He owned a successful biker bar in Devils Elbow, MO that had been closed down for over 20 years. He took something that nobody thought would work and made it into a very well known and well loved hang out - I remember the first time I seen about 100 bikers coming down the road in the middle of a weekday afternoon.....they were a group from Scotland touring Route 66 on Harleys and this was one of their HAVE TO stops.

Since I'm the analyzer, I guess I've analyzed him......oh, surely not! HA! The thing about hubby is his lack of intimidation factor. Don't misunderstand me, HE is intimidating (big ol' tattooed biker called 'Bossman'), but he's not intimidated easily if at all. If he's doing something (like the bar or the transport business), he tells EVERYBODY and doesn't have any reservations about his business ideas being well known and the topic of conversation - or what anybody else thinks about it. THAT'S the secret to his success. There are always naysayers, but then again, they're getting up at 5:00 am everyday to go to work at a job they hate, so he doesn't pay them any mind. He just gives them a business card (he gives EVERYBODY a business card) and there's been more than a few who have called and said, 'hey, you still doing that transport thing? I want to buy this motorcyle off eBay....'

I, on the other hand, don't want people to judge me too harshly or think I'm not being a productive member of society......know what I mean? I decided to try selling AtHome America for a while. I loved their products and (yes, after analyzing everything) thought their business plan and pay plan was actually very worthwhile. Problem was, I didn't want to actually TELL anybody that I was in direct selling. First of all, you get that 'look' that says, 'oh Lord, just get a J-O-B like the rest of us already!' and the second thing was that when people know what you're doing and know you're going to invite them to a zillion parties, they quit answering your email and phone calls. Those same people will stop at the mall and purchase a picture for their newly decorated bathroom instead of buying through you and supporting your budding business. SO, I just gave up on getting people to parties........hubby would have made 3 special trips to their house and had a confirmation before he would have ever left them alone to ignore him! Then again, it's kind of hard to ignore somebody called 'Bossman'.

This leads me to my Sunday morning rambling. I've been thinking a lot this week. Okay, okay, analyzing. My son was home this week ~ he's in the Marine Corps., stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. We hired a new driver this week (means I get to stay home and analyze some more, YEAH!). We got the new puppy this week. AND, last but not least, hubby has decided to try another business venture that I've been pushing him to think about for some time. Like I said, he's a biker called Bossman.....Harley Davidsons and biker folk just naturally flock to him and I've been looking into rebuilding classic bikes.......something along that line anyway. Besides, we have a 4,000 square foot home with TWO double garages, and it's just me and him and three doggies. So, he's in the downstairs garage cleaning and making a 'man shop' and been looking at salvage bikes and searching on eBay. Now, here's where I tell you that he may have already purchased a bike and I just don't know it yet.....he does that sometimes. He'll get all sweet and want to treat me to dinner or something...then, BAM, he'll tell me something like, 'what happened was.............I bid on this bike, not thinking I would get it, and guess what???? How 'bout that, I was high bidder!' I have learned that this always turns out okay - he comes up with a back up plan pretty quick when push comes to shove - and my best response is, 'what do you need me to do?' (yeah, I know, I'm a helluva wife! BUT, he's never let me down and for a big ol' biker, he's got to be THE sweetest, most loving man on earth)

ANYHOW, with all this going on and the opportunity to be home this week, I've decided to work HARD on my blogs and other online business ventures. So, will be working on CONTENT this week on all of my blogs. Also working on building traffic and networking with people. (this is my favorite part......I've 'met' some of the neatest people!). **as a side note, what I intend to do doesn't always come to be realized - sometimes hubby has a brain storm and then we're OFF in a whole new direction).

Analyze this: content vs. traffic - do you work on generating traffic, but have not enough content to keep them on your site? OR do you work on content without the traffic to support it? Hmmmmmm....that's what I'm pondering this morning. Just had to take the long road to getting around to explaining everything - consider it your bike tour for the day!

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